My first post… what do I talk about?

7 Apr

Ok.. so here I am, looking to enter the great world of bloggin (is that a correct term?) and of course google could not fall far behind the times and offer up in a platter a space to do just that. So, here I am, taking advantage of this and seeing how well I can be in keeping this up! (I hate to write, so this will be interesting!) A little about me: Born in Venezuela (beautiful country, sucky government!) lived there the first 9 years of my life, then we moved to the United States to Ft. Collins, Colorado – that lasted until my mother said – ENOUGHT! The weather (very cold) was the factor here. We (my sister and I) got shipped to boarding school in St. Pertersburg, Florida (Now known as the Terri’s Schiavo circus town). Lived there for 2 years and then moved all over, Clearwater, Tampa, Ft. Lauderdale and Miami. We lived in Miami for almost 18 years (wow, I stil cannot believe it!) About 3 years ago I moved to Sarasota, Fl and now just last year back to Tampa, Florida. Hey, what can I tell you.. I have the gypsy in me… I have to have the suitcase and moving truck on speed dial. A warning: my spelling sucks and if you continue to read me (I have no idea why – but thanks!) you will notice this. Now, you are welcome to play proof-reader and correct me. 🙂


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