A Funny thing happen on the way to Wal-mart

8 Apr

So, yesterday I walk into the Wal-mart superstore in my area and go thru the craziness of filling my cart with essential items – like toilet paper, and the bag of cookies we cannot live without. My purpose was to get the stupid 10 pound bag of cat food for the “kids” in my house (Cleo, Mocha, Tiger and Caramelo – Yeah I have 4 cats (2 of those are strays, but hey I feed them too!) So, here I am in Wal-mart, I go to the self-check out counter and start checking out the stuff, finish and paid over $60 bucks, take my receipt and walking out.. When here comes this lady asking for the receipt.. She starts checking out the cart and tells me the cat food is not on the receipt. So I tell her, gezz, it has to be… She tells me, “nope is not…” So I tell her, “God, I’m sorry… I must have scanned the damn thing and did not show up on the receipt…” She tells me, “no, you did not; we are detaining you for shoplifting!” I was LIKE WHAT? So, I tell her… “Listen, I’m sorry it must have slipped my mind, I will pay for the damn bag, which is like 9 bucks!” She tells me; “nope, we saw that you intentionally wanted to steal the thing…” I was like in shock! I told her, “Listen… I may be absent minded, but not stupid… why would I steal the BIGGEST thing in the cart??” Like HELLO???? She tells me, “sorry we will be calling the police and blah.. blah..blah…” So, I sat in the little room, where they have all of the cameras rolling and they showed me the video and tell me, “yep you stole it…” (The video shows me scanning everything in my cart, and then putting everything back into the cart! Big evidence there!) At this point, I decided to shut my mouth just in case I blurted out… No, actually screamed at them to get a life! So, they call the police, who wrote a report and then told me to show up at court in 2 months. Oh, and the reward for this little escape? Not allowed to walk into any Wal-mart for a year! Because my picture, along with the bag of cat food will be circulating all of the Wal-marts…Wal-mart get a life, after this, I will never go into a Wal-mart in my life specially to give you my money! Now, off to find a lawyer.


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