My campaign

3 Jul

Ok, so I wear the yellow band, you know which one I’m talking about, that one, that a gazillion people are wearing around (about 50 million LIVESTRONG band have been sold). Now call me shallow, but I wanted one because everyone else had one, I thought it was the new fashion statement out there – Sorry, Mr. Armstrong! But, here I was shopping and bang! Saw them and plucked my $1 down and wore it proudly out of the store – TOLD you, I’m SHALOW! Then I ran home and “goggle it” and realized what the whole cause of it was about…did I feel stupid, YES.. but I also thought about it and Mr. Armstrong you are no dummy! He made me donate to his cause (without my knowledge!) and all because I coveted something that everyone else had – GOOD GOING Mr. Armstrong! I’m so picky about the causes that I donate, and he got me to do so, because of a fashion statement! You sneaky you!

So, here am I, wearing my yellow band, and soon realized that, that a rainbow of color bands were just popping up all over the place, all with good, solid campaigns…So many colors, so many causes!

Now I could just go crazy and buy one of each – but I do not have enough space to wear them all! So, I decided to search a little and see which of these simple rubber bracelets let me wear my heart near my sleeve!

I could go with cancer – both of my maternal grandparents die of the nasty “C”. But, I already have the yellow band. Or wear Lavender for Alzheimer’s (my paternal grandfather). Or I can wear pink for breast cancer (so many friends) or red for Aids… just so many choices! But, I finally came across one that I feel has such potential – THE ONE. It is part of the world organization that is trying to fight extreme poverty and AIDS around the globe. Their band is white and it’s such a great cause. Not only because is one cause that, I feel, can be won in my lifetime, but it also unites us together globally. I just plucked $5.00 and will soon be giving away the bands all over the place… if you want to help, click on the banner above my blog and read up about this cause, or find one of your own. Baltasar Gracian noted that, “the great art of giving consists in this: the gift should cost very little and yet be greatly coveted, so that it may be the more highly appreciated.” Giving is an essential part of relating to others and when we give freely of ourselves without latent negativity, we express who we are, how we feel, and what we believe in. It has the power to foster connections, removing the spaces that hide people’s true natures from one another.

The art of giving is its own reward, one to be enjoyed in the present and into the future. But defined in terms of the perfect or most expensive or biggest material gift, it loses something. Giving is simply an act of caring and a gift can be as simple as a helping hand, a kind word, or a pleasant glance. In understanding this, giving as well as receiving begins to bring a genuine sense of self-satisfaction, happiness, and peace.


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