Wet Weekend – Long Week, Great Sunset

12 Jul

Ok.. so Dennis miss us.. and hopefully all of the one’s to follow will do so too… I do not want to call on the karma gods.. so I’m just going to let that be. Crossing our fingers, lighting candles and making sure that anything that comes our ways just makes a quick detour to someone’s else land – sorry folks. We need a little bit of a break from long lines and plywood.

We mostly had a wet weekend – rain, rain, wind, wind… finally the sun came out on Sunday and Floridians.. at least the Tampa folks all ran out of the house (we been under house arrest since Friday) and venture out to the closest bar with a deck looking over the water. I had a date, so I gussy up and left to the closest Bahama Breeze .. got there, my date got there and in we walk, ready for some fresh seafood and to witness a nice Sunday afternoon sunset. At least that was the plan until…

Us: “Table for 2, OUTSIDE please”
BB Hostess: “sorry our deck is close”…
Us: “What?”
BB Hostess: “yeah, we uh, did not have someone to clean up the deck”
Us: “Let’s go”

Come on manager people.. COMMON SENSE… 2 days of straight rain and threat of a hurricane.. The sun comes out.. what do you do? CLEAN THE FREAKING DECK.. a gazillion sun depraved people will be going out looking for a DECK to drink some overprice umbrella drinks and munch down on bad crab cakes and talk about how “this one missed us!” It’s like Restaurant 101! Where do these managers come from?

So, we hop on back and search for the OPEN DECK.. we found it, after hitting 3 more restaurants that also had the same moron managers… we finally ended up at Crab Daddy’s – otherwise known as the Radisson Hotel… and the FREAKING deck was OPEN.. A BAND was playing old key west songs (margaritaville anyone???) and the deck was dirty.. but was OPEN!!!!!!!! (being the KEY word here) and FULL of people, drinking overpriced umbrella drinks, and bad crab cakes…

…and the sunset… BEAUTIFULL …Sometimes, It’s good to live in Florida…


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