You have the right to remain silent…

24 Jul

Friends are what make life complete…(in my humble opinion) They are there in the good and ugly time, the bad & good haircuts, the bad & good breakups, and those really special friends are there longer than you can ever imagine. They share with you the moments that you treasure in your memories. They laugh with you, they know you, they can finish sentences, share with you past and present experiences and be willing to lend a hand when you least expect that you need it without asking anything in return.

This weekend I was very lucky to have my circle of friends surround me. I look back at the combine amount of time I have known these people and come up with 20 plus years! I still look back and cannot believe it…20 years! Not even marriages last that long!

On Saturday we were able to knock one down in the books of memories. We set out for 4 hours of fun filled canoeing experience in the river around town. Who knew that I even had a river around town! But, there we were, all sleepy (after a night of Margaritas, we did not know if we were coming or going!) and ready for action – mainly the alligators – we all deny it, we all joked about it.. But, we were all there for the alligators – trust me. So, after jumping in the cramp school bus, and listening to fast instructions from our hunky guide (nobody was paying attention – we were all convince that everyone else was listening – and this became apparent 10 min into the water!)… We posed for pictures, we made sure the coolers were loaded up and off we set off… Into the river we went all cocky and sure that we knew what we were doing. Among the kidding and the laugher we all took a moment to realize that we were in a nice place (in the middle of the city!!). First sign that we were NOT paying attention: Was it left or right? We pulled it together and my vote we made the first group decision: we opted to follow the most obvious choice – downriver..! After 2 lazy hours of left and right action we stopped for lunch.. a bit tired, a bit hot and a lot hungry! And with no alligator in sighting a bit disappointed. We exchange jokes, we took funny stupid pictures, we complimented my mother’s meatloaf, the fuggy brownies and try to make a final decision if we were up for the rest of the way… in the 100 plus temperature weather – this in itself was the biggest accomplishment – no passing out. And then the gods decided that we all had enough good karma and gave us what we wanted: ALLIGATOR!

You never know what you are going to get… 8 feet long and mean looking, man those things are uglier up close! After the commotion, we realized that the FL wildlife was actually luring it into the park – they were catching it. Yeah us! (We said all, while climbing on top of the picnic table – because people – bravado is just an illusion!) In comes this lady, who did all of the work and before we knew it, this big thing was laying there defenseless – string up like a criminal – we actually felt sorry for it. The crime? Daring to be lazy and taking the scraps that we selfish human would throw at him… making him aggressive enough to warrant the “death penalty”… somebody is eating alligator bites as I write this.

After all of the uproar, we set out to get off the water fast enough – back to the bus and back to the hot city! Not realizing how our presence on this earth smothers those before us. But, we still have brownies, margaritas and good friends, which will carry this memory another 20 years.

Picture this:


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