Why are you whispering???

20 Aug

So.. I had a date last night. It was the first-meet kind of date. Since I have posted an ad in Craigs List.. I have had numerous responses, out of all of them, this guy seem good in paper (at least!).

The first dates for me are just a quick way to see how they behave in a public place (believe me, some men are better off staying at home!). Anyways… the meet up was to be in the Borders – I usually choose this spot, because a) its close to my house, b) the coffee is passable and c) BOOKS and MAGAZINES – I can catch up on the latest gossip for free!

So.. I get there, make the line, order my double shot espresso, take on the magazine rack and star piling up the reading material… run back to the bull pen, otherwise known as the cafe and weasel my way to a table. And I wait…

7:30pm.. the date shows up – first impressions – shorter in person that in the picture.. oh shit, who am I kidding? he was smaller in person that in his picture – period. Nevertheless, without sounding shallow and dramatic (which I am!) I gave him a chance. So, he comes over, saids hi.. trys to maneuver a hug – which is fine.. but awkward – no points there for flowing motion. And he sits. We start talking and I tell him.. “hey, want to go get your cup of java?” he looks over and tells me.. “a little later… there is a line” (mind you, 2 people!).

So, Ok.. we strike up a conversation.. and we start confirming everything we have talked about in the last 3 days over emails… and you do this? and I do that? You know the usual first date conversation. This goes on for the first hour.. then I ask him.. so, you are divorce? And he shakes his head in the affirmative action.. then moves over closer to me and whispers.. “yes, we were really separated for 5 of the 7 years that we were together.. but… mmmm, uh I really do not want to talk about it”… and I’m like – “oh, ok.. no problem..” then he gets this intense look on his face.. cover his mouth with both hands… leans in again towards me.. and whispers… “there are to many people around”. I guess my face change at that moment, since I was thinking.. “what the hell??” He again leans over and whispers “its that you know, people will listen in the conversation”. I this point I thinking – WEIRDO!!! and it must have shown on my face – but, I let it go. We talk a little bit more, but at this point the excited has blow over – I wanted out and I wanted out fast. So, I tell him that I better start going, since I needed to wake up early the next day (the famous cop-out line!). He tells me.. “sure, sure.. can I go and grab something to drink first?” I like sure.. but as I look over the line had like over 10 people! and I point this out to him.. and he tells me… “No, its ok.. there is not that many people!!”.. I’m like… uh? So, he goes over.. I go back to reading my magazine and count to 10 .. sloowwwly… He comes back and tells me.. “could you walk over to my car.. I want to show you something” I’m like – RED LIGHT, RED LIGHT! but I figure, for crying out loud.. we are in the Border’s parking lot – with like a trillion people walking up and down… so, I walk over to the car.. He then starts tying to get into the car (HIS CAR) and laughs and tells me.. “opps, wrong door, cannot open the door”… I’m like counting how many steps I can take and get to my car, which was on the other side of the parking lot, at this point. Finally he comes back with a little bag full of tissue.. and hands it over to me.. I’m like ” ooh, thank you.. you should not have!!”.. Its chocolate (at least he was paying attention!) so, I take and open the chocolate and share it with him.. and he tells me.. “well, about my divorce… you wanted to know that right?”.. Strike 3!

I could not walk fast enough to my car… we say goodbye.. he tells me thank you and can he call me again and blah..blah..blah… I tell him, hey, I do not think so.. and he gets this crush look on his face.. I tell him, look you are nice but, I just do not think that we have a lot in common… he then tells me.. well we can be buddies! I say sure (but it was mostly so I could get out already!) 1 hour later, I was happily sitting a home eating frosted flakes and watching “Trading Spaces”. I should have quit while I was ahead…


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