Date # 37

23 Aug

Location: Starbucks
Time: 6:30
Potential Date: The artist

Out the door at 6:15 (takes me 10 min to get to the location)… sit on the car, turn on the key and get back… cliiicckkkkk..clickcckkkkk cllickkkk… SHIT!

Open the hood…And checked whatever, I’m not a mechanic but, checking under the hood gives you some time of self control awareness! SHIT. Call Starbucks, have them shout for the artist, explain situation – assured him I was not making it up and not dumping him. He was understanding and thoughtful.

Got back to the car situation – imposed on my neighbor (who I seen under the hood of HIS car) he tells me that it may be the battery. I finally get to call the Road Side Assistant that I been paying off every month for the past 3 years and brace myself for the worse. Nothing, they took my information down and told me a truck will be at my house to tow the car into the dealer in 55 min.

Knock! Knock! who is there? Towed truck… sat while they hiked up my baby up and took her away… My fear must have showed on my face, since the towed truck men told me numerous of times: “Do not worry, little lady, I will take good care of her and deposit her at your dealer night drop.” Poor man, he does not know that I’m from Miami, were we do not under NO circumstances leave out valuable out of our sight!

Waved bye, bye and sat most of the night worrying – Call the dealer at 7am.. “Yes, its here we will call you in about 2 hours with diagnostic.”

Damn it was the battery! 5 points to my neighbor.

So, Revision: Date # 37

Location: Starbucks House driveway
Time: 6:30
Potential Date: The artist Towed truck man
Benefits: Missed one day of work


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