Oh the Challenge!

4 Sep

It feels really weird (though kind of therapeutic) to be blogging about dating right now. This past week has been a moment to recap where I am on the dating scheme of things. The past week has been busy meeting new guys and really realizing that I may have something staring right in my face, but completely out of my control… and I hate to loose control.

Let me explain…

Back when I started to date with my match.com “matches” I meet a great guy. He was date #10, 11 and 12 respectively. And since life is just funny, it often throws you a curve. We found that it was not the right time for anything to happen and we moved apart. Time went by and a couple of months ago, we matched up again. And for the last couple of months we have explored a great friendship. He gets me. He gets my jokes, my quirky, crazy nature and just goes with the flow. He is great in all levels, but, I knew that he had issues and he was just too attractive for his own good, and I have learn to be cautions around too-good-looking men.

So, he went from the “date” category to friend with benefits. People I said caution, not stupid and this girl needs her kick once in a while. Oh Boy!

Last night after seeing him and comparing our dates for the week, yeah we are sick. He asked me, “But, Monica what do you want from a guy?” As I was checking of my list of “must have” it hit me… this man in front of me, has 80% of my list. SHIT how had that happen? He is a perfect match in all levels right now, all this time I been going out with all of these dates and here I have the most solid guy right under my nose. Duh? Of course, reality comes in and kicks your butt into attention mode. He has been clear from day one, that I (yeah hard to believe) do not fit into his “date” category. He likes me a lot, he like to spend time with me, he has fun with me, I get him, I could go on and on with his praises of me. But, in his mind, I still do not “fit” into the girlfriend category. This little fact put me off, for about 2 seconds, mainly because guys have proven time and time again, that deep down they have no clue what they want or looking for in a women – they think they do. But, in reality – they have no clue whatsoever. Mr. Right Under my Nose is no exception. Plus, after this little revelation, he became a challenge to me and if there is anything in life that gets me going it’s a damn challenge, the harder it is, the more I want it. Yes, I just crazy that way. Call the funny farm, I’m checking in!

Conclusion: The only person that was aware of this great “light bulb” moment is me – WTF? He, being the typical male species, has not a clue, or maybe he just does not get it…yet! And since I’m just a glutton for punishment, I’m going to stick around long enough (I’m giving him a month) until he realizes what he has in front of his face. Plus, at this point of the game… I’m not the only driver in this relationship, to demand the driver seat is just asking for a seriously crash and burn moment and the sex is just too good to give up yet just yet.

In the meantime…

We have 2 prospects coming up to bat. Mr. Author, who hails from Colorado (because my karma is to find those men that are not emotionally ready, and live a thousand miles away from me) and Mr. Fatherhood. Stay tune for date #39 and 40.


2 Responses to “Oh the Challenge!”

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