Date #39

12 Sep

Verdict: Fast approching DOA status…

So, I been going back and forth for the last week with “fatherhood” (aka: date #39) trying to set up a simple hour coffee date. And we had more cancellations than an airport in a snowstorm. Now, I do not have a problem with cancellations… I mean, things happen – your car breaks down. You have to work late. You are sick… etc. His first cancellation was that he was sick and was feeling run down. Ok, no problem, we postponed it for the following week. Then the following week, it was because he had forgotten his son had a thing a school, so I took a back seat. That was ok, again… I can understand – to a certain point. So, we re-schedule again for today… And again got an email telling me that his son is sick and he may not make it, could we make it during the week?

Strike 2 for me.

Now, do not get me wrong, I’m open to dating man with children. I mean my dating pool of 35 to 45 year olds will give me men that have children – it’s expected. And my last relationship the guy had 2 children. But, if you are going to be dating, you need to make some type of peace with yourself and realized that your child must not be always the center of your universe. I mean the most time consuming portion of a relationship is the beginning. The first dates, the first everything. If you cannot even make a commitment to that, then you just lost even before you got off the gate. If your child is already going to be part of the not-yet-there relationship right from the beginning do not expect your date to understand – or at least this date.

I do admired a man that is dedicated to its children – I come from divorce parents and my father was an absent father most of my life, so when I see a man that shows dedication and caring for their children it usually a good point for me. It shows me the potential that person has. But, if that dedication borders on the excessive, then I need to move on. I mean, I want attention to, I want to feel wanted, plus I just do not trust men that want their children to become involved with their “potential” date right away – that just confuses them. Not to mention that if it does not work out, then there is another set of feelings that may or may not have to be taken in consideration, and man I’m one to run far away from any extra responsibilities if I can. Yeah, I know, call me shallow if you will. I like to think that I’m just being brutally honest. That is just something that I’m not ready to deal with.

Soooo, my take on date #39? It’s on the fence, with one foot on the “other” side of DOA.

Calling # 40…


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