Date #40 and possible #41 with a rounding #42 in the horizon?

19 Sep

So folks, we are at #40 – tomorrow for lunch, which is not good and not bad… but, I’m breaking my cardinal rule of no lunch or dinner on first dates… only coffee dates, since you can actually get in and out in less than 30 min if it does not work out. But, “Artsy guy” [#40] caught me on the low-down and before I knew it I was saying yes to lunch. What can I tell you people, I’m slipping! But, in all in all, I can still get-away, since I do only have 1 hour lunch, which my work for in my favor is we are crashing to burn.

I do have to confess a little sin. For all the wrong reasons, I’m looking forward to date #40, not so much because Artsy Guy rocks my world, (as if!) but more because, as you can tell, I been laying low the last couple of weeks with my dating activities, so I’m running out of material to post, because, lets be honest here… my life is just so god damn boring and I need to inject it with something, anything at this point to jump start it and make it beat again.


Tomorrow is TGI Fridays for a Tuesday date…maybe if it works out, we can go to Tuesdays on Friday’s lunch hour – something to think about.

In other eventful news. We have “Airport guy” which is making a smooth landing (finally) sometime tomorrow night or Wednesday. This leaves us with a tentative Thursday date #41, unless I break another rule of mine and meet him either tomorrow night (if he comes in) or Wednesday night for drinks. But, with everything in life, it’s a toss up and at this point whoever calls me first will need to step up to the plate and try to hit a home run.

Yeah, we may have some shaking coming up in my “oh so boring life.”

And if that was not enough, in all of this dating frenzy of mine, we are crossing our fingers that Hurricane Rita will just curl up and die out in the middle of the ocean.

Somebody really, really need to send the memo to the upstairs man and tell him enough is enough with the Mother Nature messages – Katrina was enough for a lifetime.


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