Wash him right out of my life.

8 Oct

So, I go for broke and tell “Right under your nose”… hey I think I want more out of this because I feel that we need to move on, we have been more or less seeing each other for the past 3-4 months and its time to have the “talk”. I need to define the lines and see if you are onboard with this.

He volley back with, “I like you, I like spending time with you, but I do not want to be in a committed relationship with you, at least not now.” Now, what the hell does this mean “not now”?? Oh, but wait… the piece of resistance… “Baby step or no step at all is still good.”… Now you tell me, what does THAT mean?

Unfortunately, we were IM and I was at work, which conveniently got busy while having this little conversation, so we needed to pause it and promise that we would pick up when we saw each other in person.

I’m so confuse with this guy it not even funny. I’m normally a very cut and dry… very black in white. For me, it’s either: I like something or not at all kind of person. I feel that having this attitude in my life, sometimes is just better than being the wishy-washy-cannot-make-up-mind kind of person. But, the hell! With RUYN, I have become this wishy-washy-cannot-make-up-mind kind of person… and I do not like it … no sir, not one bit. It goes against all of my better instincts.

But still, after 2 days of thinking and thinking, and have I pointed out I have been thinking? I still cannot shake this invisible hold this man has over me! Its just not going to fly, I need to shake this man off, pronto! I need to start rehabilitation now. So, this weekend is not phone calls, no contact because I’m just going to wash this men right out of my life.


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