Strategy 1: Get off your ass and get busy again.

11 Oct

So, since I so easily caved in this weekend… I decided that I needed some incentives and a game plan to wean myself out of RUYN.

Strategy #1: GO OUT IN MORE DATES.

I been very lazy on dating for the last month of so, mainly since I had the misconception that RUYN was going to see the light – obviously I saw the light, he is still in the dark. And I’m not waiting around, the last time that happen, 4 years of my life passed me by (yeah I know, when it comes to relationships, I’m a slow on the take of the learning ladder) and still ended up without the guy.

So yesterday I pluck another $79.00 and renewed my account for the next 6 months – Oh Boy!

I did not realize it, but when I looked at my past profile, it was viewed a total of 8,675 times – the hell! And out of 8,675 people that viewed me… I must of gotten about 200 or so winks, emails, direct contacts and out of those I went out a total of 40+ some dates…


First, I’m very picky. And second, guys out there don’t know what they want, or maybe it’s me that I know exactly what I want and choose not to waste my time – I’m really brutal when it comes to creating a short list. But, back to the story, I uploaded some more recent pictures… updated my profile a bit and basically reset the counter to see how many new crazies viewed me this time around.

Today, we are up to 41 views and 4 winks and two email

Contender one: I search him out and he looks good on paper, his profile was funny and he asked questions, which is a good sign in my book. I took the time to answer with an email, responding to his questions and send it off. Today I got his email back telling me how impressed he was that I actually read his profile and answer his questions. I can relate to this… since most of the 100+ responses I got the first go around in match got dumped when they would send me an email telling “hey, nice smile”! Ok, lets recap a little here: YOU contact me; try a little hard here, make the effort, and 3 words are not going to cut it. But, back to C#1. His email also mentions that he was traveling (the story of my life) but to look forward to a long email later on tonight. So, we are moving on to the waiting period, stay glue to your seats folks – the suspense my kill us!

Contender two: He winked at me and followed with an email. Which started by telling me that he originally had sent me an email months back, but I responded that I was seeing someone (which most likely is true) the thing is that I do not remember him, so he must of gotten lost among the ton, or he was a crazy. And since I’m on a mission here and times are a wasting, I decided to respond back. He wrote me back relatively fast (either he is very desperate, or works in front of the computer – we will see) he did pass the test of “more than 3 words” and told me a bit about himself, we seem to have common things (but then 88% of the population have things in common) Now, his job is quite interesting so I can see us having good conversations on this topic, since I’m curious enough to really drill him about his profession. He asked for my number, I sent it over, we are doing the waiting dance #2.

Then I sent about 3 more emails, have not heard back from those…

For now we got 1 & 2, so at least I know I will be doing some dress up time sometime this week.


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