Recap: Date #41 – Parli Italiano? Date #42 – Put the breaks on that mouth dude!

20 Oct

Recap on date #41:

He was contender #2 on my Oct 10 post. We meet up for coffee at the local java hole –

First observation: He was much older than anticipated
Second observation: Short
Third observation: not bad looking, lets give him a chance.

Well spoken, traveled and his job was just way interesting… “Shipwrecks” anyone? (and that is a hint). We spoke for 3 hours, in Italian too (boy, do I miss living there!) he asked me if I wanted to go out again. I told him to call me. 2 days later, he comes clean that I’m to young for him (he was too old, but I decided he was interesting enough to over look that – My bad, I need to learn to listen to my inner voice). And that I was a really nice girl (notice the title – girl) he had fun but during our conversation he felt I was “all over the place” (huh?).

My response? – None, not worth it.

Today, up to bat? Date # 42, come on down….

I broke my own rule (yeah, I do that a lot, shoot me) and meet him up for dinner. He was running late, called me up to move meeting ½ hour later. No problem, I stopped at the local nail shop and had a manicure (I’m all for multi-tasking!)… Showed up, on time, he was outside.

And the scoreboard lighted up:

Looked like his picture +5
Was on the cell phone – 2
He told me he will be off in 2 sec, to forgive him +1
He was on the phone for 5+ min: -2
We walked into the restaurant, did open the door: +1
He walked in ahead of me: -5
He talked nice to the hostess: +2
He ask me if I minded sitting on a both: +1
He asked the waitress who took care of the advertising need of the restaurant: -2
He asked about me: +2
He was looking at the menu during this time: -1
He asked if we could share an entree: +1
He then told me “because, it does not make sense to pay for 2 entrees, since the portions are big here”: -5
He answer his cell phone: -1
He started a sales pitch with the manager of the restaurant: -5
He told me that we needed to eat fast, since he had to meet a friend afterwards: -5

Final Score: -15

I always been terrible in math, but as I recall, a negative number was never a good thing.

I thought so… See where this is going?

Yep, the trash!

2 down, more to go


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