Did Wilma blew us up north?

25 Oct

Ok.. what is going on? Did someone forgot to pass the memo?

Today, I open the front door and had to beeline back inside.. it was Colllldddddd —— and I do not mean florida cold (70 degree anyone?) I mean winter cold, like go look for the winter clothes in the back of the closet cold, like 50 degree cold! Even the stray cats came into the house!

So, we are here, all bundle up in our mis-matched winter clothes (Floridians do not have matching winter clothes – if you do not believe me, come to florida in Dec/Jan, you will notice that we do not coordinate at all). Tonight is down to the 50’s again… brrrrrr

The thing about this type of weather is that it just makes you plain lazy. All you want to do in a day like this is just stay in and bundle up in the nice, warm bed and vegetate… The bad thing is that when you are single, this weather remind you that you are ALONE in that nice warm bed – not good, not good at-all! I sooo not love to spend those days by myself…

Never did I think that I’d one day say this but I fuckin’ can’t wait to NOT be single anymore!


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