My dating lottery… just as good as the real thing.

27 Oct

I have gone and done it… I double booked!

I had been talking to 2 match prospects for a couple of weeks now (well actually more than 2, but these are solid contenders for now). Both seem to be good prospects (at least on paper) and last week I was to meet both of them during the course of the week, unfortunately due to work constraints and basic laziness on my part, it was a no go. So this week we tentatively set up to have a “coffee date” after work. Last night I realized that I gave both of them the same day for the date – Oppsidosie, my bad! So, we are in the dark, both are suppose to call me to confirm the plans… so at this point I’m curious to see who will win the dating lottery with me.

Don’t you love a good mystery story?

Or I can be totally getting my bad karma back and be sitting pretty with no date in the horizon tonight. That will teach me to look at my calendar BEFORE giving out dating dates. But in the overall it may not be such a bad thing, I have food and chocolate at home and not to mention tonight is must-see-TV night. Yep, not a bad thing at all.


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