But, I do not understand… you speak Spanish, you have to be Hispanic, it like the law!

2 Nov

Stupidity… it’s everywhere…and sometimes it stick to you like glue…

Today, I had to make my way to the Port of Tampa in order to get my new badge for my Saturday job as a Pier Agent (yeah, another part time people – the $$ are low and we need to get cracking – the holiday’s are upon us and my friends and family have expensive taste in gifts!)… So, I make my way thru the expressway of hell (which has been under construction for the past 10 years!) and arrive to the Port Authority office. Walk in, give my paperwork to the counter lady who takes my driver license and tells me to take a seat and I will be called.

Sat my pretty ass down and I took in the sights… which lead me to witness of the most un-savory people walk into this place to request 1 day passes into the Port. I swear some of these people looked pretty dangerous, not to mention bad fashion sense! Apparently, I was the only one with this opinion, since they would walk in, hand over their driver license that was copied and then a pass was giving to them – everything took less than 2 min. So much for security clearance!

After about 30 minutes of this, I hear my name being called.

Port Lady: your Driver License please.

Me: :::give her my DL:::

Port Lady: I need you to answer the following questions ok?


Port Lady: Gender?

Me: Ugh? Ok, I played along, she had the upper hand here: Female?
Port Lady: Color hair?

Me: Blond

Port Lady: Eye Color?

Me: Blue

Port Lady: Race?

Me: White

Port Lady: Ethnic background?

Me: Other

Port Lady: Other? It states here that your birth country is Venezuela right?
Me: Correct

Port Lady: Well, then it is Hispanic.

Me: Well, actually no. I’m not Hispanic

Port Lady: What do you mean; you are from a Hispanic country right? And you speak Spanish right?

Me: yes, on both … but I’m not Hispanic descent, my parent were from Europe, so I fall under “other”. Unless you have European as a choice.

Port Lady: That does not make sense… you cannot be from a Latin country and not be Hispanic. Its like a law.

Me: Counting to ten and furiously thinking of biting my tongue with my intended come back… I took the high road: Actually, that is incorrect. If your parents were born outside of the United States and are from different races, let me give you an example: your father is French and your mother is from Germany but you were born here, would that make you American?

Port Lady: Of course!

Me: Counting to 20, oh yes retreat slowly… Listen, I would prefer if you do not put down Hispanic, since I’m not Hispanic ok?

Port Lady: No, I will have to have my supervisor approved this, since you are Hispanic and I cannot lied on your application, I will get into trouble.

Me: Counting to 30… Well, get your supervisor, since I do not want to be categorized under Hispanic, since it’s not a correct assumption.

Port Lady: Of course it is, you were born in Venezuela… you speak Spanish. You have to be Hispanic!

Me: Just call your supervisor ok (inside I was really coming to the point of no return, and knew that I had about 10 min to get out of there before I said something that could get me in trouble)

And off she went… about 5 min later, she comes back, and her face tells me all. Goes to the computer and changes my choice to “other”. Then tells me: “It’s just not right”.

Sure it is… You dumb wit, but it’s not my place to make you see it, your supervisor can set you straight… Just give me my ID and go back to your la-la land.

Oh yes, Stupidity is all around us and sometimes there is nothing to do except bear it and smile.


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