Yes, we want YOUR man…

2 Nov

I was having a conversation with RUYN (yes, we do have deep conversations from time to time) about how for the first time the woman he was dating at the time was overly protective of him … in order words, there was another woman in the vicinity there who was checking him out (yes, he is very good eye candy) and the woman he was dating was sending all of this “he is mine” signal… ahhh duh? He told me he was quite surprise to see this, he had never notice this kind of behavior out of our “kind” before. So, I try to explain it, that it was human nature, we usually have motives for doing that, some honorable, other not so much… but he got me thinking (yes, the man makes me think!) So, RUYN, a bit of a heads up….

Most women are highly competitive by nature, and it seems that men have an innate ability to bring out our most competitive streak, without even meaning to. Although some women will gracefully bow out if they see that the man they’ve had their eye on is already involved with another woman, others will see this as a challenge that they can’t help but take on. In fact, for some us, it renders the man in question even more desirable. But why is this? Why do women compete for men? Well, I can think of 4 good reasons as to why we show our claws…

Number 1: That little thing called Love…

The most obvious and least offensive reason is that we are deeply in love. If a woman truly believes that a certain man is “the one” and they are meant to be together, she may very well stop at nothing (and I mean, in some cases NOTHING) to ensure that they end up together (yeah, we will play dirty here). The fact that he is involved with someone else means nothing to her because, in her mind, he is with the wrong person (i.e. not her), he just doesn’t know it yet.

We may try to seek out the other woman’s flaws, insecurities and weaknesses, and exploit these to her advantage by bringing them to the man’s attention, thinking that making her look bad will make herself look good by default. She may even go as far as insulting or threatening the other woman, thinking that this will help her cause.

Unfortunately, most women do not have the maturity level to pull this one off and be the winner… Sad, I know, but most women do fall under this category. The truth is that while the man may be flattered that another woman is interested in him, such tactics will only make the interested party look disrespectful and aggressive, and will not help her cause at all. True love is not something that can be found using hateful or underhanded means. But this does prove a belief of mine: Sometimes love, while is all nice and good, can completely makes us lose any common sense, rendering us to slobbering, needy, incoherent females – not that is really, really sad. We have to watch out for cupid little arrow and keep our wits about us!

Number 2: It’s all about Power baby….

An uglier side of female competition has nothing to do with love and everything to do with power. Unfortunately, there are many power-hungry women out there who would derive an unhealthy amount of satisfaction from taking away another woman’s man. That’s right: another woman’s loss at their hands would actually bring them joy.

More unsettling still is the fact that the power-seeking woman may not even like the guy she is fighting for. And the worst part is that the guy in question will probably be the last to know. He may interpret her intense flirting as a sign of genuine interest, not realizing that he is merely a means to an end: her feeling of power.

Gentlemen, you have been warned. It’s now up to you to decipher if it’s you she’s interested in or if she’s just playing a twisted game. A good way to tell is to see how her reaction to you changes (if at all) depending on whether or not you are in a relationship with someone else. If she never displayed the least amount of interest when your relationship status was undetermined and was all over you once she discovered that you had a girlfriend, you may want to question why.

Number 3: Oh, the Forbidden fruit… gets us every time…

The longing for someone who is off-limits is what draws other women to compete for a man. The fact that they can’t have a certain man is precisely what makes them want him. Quite simply, they want what they cannot have.

Many factors, including wealth, looks and the fact that the man is involved, can make a man seem like forbidden fruit to a woman. All you players out there probably already know that you can use this to your advantage by making yourself out to be unattainable and thus more desirable. I don’t suggest that you walk around with a fake wedding band around your finger, but hinting that you are involved may make some women want you more. But be warned that this will have the opposite effect on the few women left that actually respect other people’s relationships.

Number 4: A few good men… and yours is mine, so give it up….

Another reason we may vie for a man’s attention is that we believe all the good guys are taken, meaning that any man that is involved with a woman or being pursued must have it going on. If a man is single, women assume there must be a good reason. This reasoning makes for a vicious cycle in which those who are single remain so, and those who are attached often end up with inappropriate attention being lavished upon them.

The good thing about this twisted female reasoning is that you guys can use it to your advantage. How? It’s easy; just try to surround yourself with as many women as possible whenever you go out, as this will make you more appealing to women in general. Round up your female friends and sit back and watch as the hotties come out of the woodwork. Just remember to keep your cool and act completely unaffected by the attention; this will make you virtually irresistible.

And that is sad but ohhh so true.

So there you have it, my take… anyone out there cares to disagree with me… bring it on!


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