Update from you-know-who that we-all-been-waiting-for….

3 Nov

I’m back at work… dragging but back. And surprisintly tire as hell… which I cannot explain, since yesterday activities were sleep, sleep and more sleep… I guess I tired from to much sleep.

But I know you guys do not want to know about that…. so,

Yes, RUYN has officially read the blog.

Yes, he agreed that I have a funny way to express my not so exciting life (in my other life I was a clown, that is why I’m so afraid of them now)

Yes, he was not surprise about my rambling.. He did mention that he somehow expected to run into more post about me talking about him… I realized that he had not read all of the post, so he still out of the loop in some of my more “venting-like-crazy” post about him. I told him to read back more… (I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop)

Nope… nothing else was said. (We had more important things to do that talk about my blog – you all have an imagination use it to your full capacity.)

I’m sure that if he has deeper thoughts and want to say something he will post a comment like a good guest with an opinion… (because you all know how I live for your comments. 🙂

Now, back to work, that my desk looks like a tornado…


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