Ohhh… When it’s good, its good….

8 Nov

Here is your horoscope for Tuesday, November 8:

Expect a flurry of houseguests and other kinds of mixing and mingling as the stars give your social zone a burst of energy. This might make matters domestic between you and your mate a little tough at first, but you’ll love the excitement.

Sometimes you get what you are told you are going to get: Here is my calendar this week:

Friday: A party where there will be about 50 men to choose from! It’s a mingling party organized by this girl name “Diva” and I’m really looking forward to this. I get to pick and choose my way thru this little soiree – maybe my future is in there somewhere with a martini on his hand – lets hope!

Saturday: My friends from NYC arrive for a whole week of Florida vacation with me – yeahhh! My friend from Miami is coming for a weekend stay. My sister birthday party celebration is that night… so we are going to party like is 2005, dressed as hippies from the 70’s (she is killing us, I know).

Sunday: Spend time with my overnight guest around town. I’m playing tourist and I’m planning to taking them around and around until they cry out “Have mercy!”.

I may have to re-think about NOT taking my horoscope seriously in the future, especially when it’s this close to comfort.

On another note: I will like to thank all of those that have sent me comments about my previous post (some have posted them.. others have sent me emails). It feels kind of good that there are “others” out there reading my blog – I’m flattered and at the same time full of responsabilities – now I have to really check my spelling and make sure I make sense (which is more difficult that it looks!)

But, back to my point….

About my pending decision to either stay or move on far, far away from RUYN: Still munching on this one. The wind is blowing about a 80%-20% chance that I will quit and run. But, as I said before, I’m a huge procrastinator when it comes to this, and when my sex life is in the middle, even more so (hey, I got needs people, bite me!).

Some may think that RUYN is playing games with me, but let me set this “record” straight. Our relationship (ok, ok, our version of it) was a mutual agreement. I knew from the beginning what he wanted and he was clear as to the fact that it was not me for a committed relationship. I accepted that. We have a lot of fun when we get together. I respect him as a person, love to be with him, love the way he makes me feel wanted and the way he makes me laugh. He has never, ever treated me badly… in fact he has always been a gentleman, considerate of me and my feelings. Now some of you may be going “of course, he is getting something for nothing”…Newsflash people, so am I!

The fact of the matter is, that what I’m going to miss the most, when we part, (because it’s going to happen) would be the easy-going friendship that I have develop with him (the extra benefits are nice) but, I have to be realistic about this, he cannot be in a committee relationship and have a friend with benefit at the same time (he is not made that way, hell I’m NOT MADE THAT WAY EITHER). And I can not pretend that he will take time from his new relationship to be with me, even as a friend.

The best part of a new relationship is the beginning of it, the getting to know each other, the building of trust and respect, the wanting to be with the other person. That means some type of dedication is needed from both parties and if you really want it to work, you must make a full commitment. So that means that some things in your life need to take a back seat: Friends, work, family, blog… etc.

And knowing him, he will jump fully into it, as I expect him to. (It’s no fun staying by the sidelines while the party bus is moving without you). But, I will say this, I will treasure our time together, like everything in my life, this has showed me another level of myself. What I’m capable of and to know that it’s ok to not always win in the game… but be proud that you played and played well.

In the meantime I’m fully enjoying eating all the chocolate I can get while “still” thinking about this. And you sure cannot beat that! :::wink:::


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