All it takes if good friends, family a stranger or two and sometimes a pink fuzzy drink.

15 Nov

This weekend was full of activities… it was the first weekend that I was not working (on my other jobs) and thus gained 3 full days of opportunity to sit back and enjoy good times with friends, family and a stranger or two.

So, let’s recap:

Friday’s Objective: mixer, hop on the roller coaster and lets go for ride! Got dressed to the gills and I looked damn good (if I say so myself and I will!) and strutted my stuff to the mixer I was invited to. I was there at a reasonable time – not early enough to look desperate but not late to miss any action either (and look desperate). When I got there I notice that we did not have the intended promise ration of men to women. We had more women than men, so it meant some heavy competition was going to happen between the female pools in the house. I quickly scanned the room and found that the present male population was nothing to brag about. Most were standing around (when did the male species become this lazy??) and looking bored – BORED, I mean we were all there for the same purpose to check each other out and see if anything happen… and they were BORED? When did dating become so mundane? After I walked around the room and introduced myself to the bored species. I became quickly frustrated to have to “pull” the conversation out of these men, I mean.. yes it can be nerve racking, but the possibility of being shot down were slim, this was a “sure thing crowd”.. the women there were open to being approached by the men there… why blow it by having short one sentence conversations? After feeling a bit put out by this bit of reality check, I worked my way to the back of the room (better viewing possibilities) and sat my ass down dishing out the “pretty”. It did not take long to come to the conclusion that this was going to be a bust…

Until….I hear:

“Got to tell you, you are the hottest person in the room”. (Original line? NOT!)

I looked up and offer a smile (a compliment even as generic as that one deserved at least a smile and my mama taught me to be thankful) and said thank you.

In comes: “Greek Guy”. Not bad looking, nice smile, nicely dressed. We started to talk and to get to know each other. He has a job (+1), he was funny (+5) and he seem to be able to be light and breezy, with a touch of sarcastic humor (+5) – so far so good, we are up 11 points and counting. He made a good impression, we exchanged business cards and he told me he will be emailing me. I told him about my super pack weekend and that the week was going to be complicated since I had guest in town so he may not hear from me during the week, but to send me an email, that I would try respond. We shared a meal and then I said my goodbyes. Friday night was o-v-e-r.

Saturday Objective: Party like is hippie town! Spent most of the morning decorating my sister’s birthday cake (yes, hard to believe, I bake!) then my friends from NYC arrived and off we went to pick up my Miami friend that was arriving via train. We all piled up on the car and hit the closest vintage shop… putting the last minute touches on our already outrageous outfits. (Will post pictures soon, I promise). We arrived at my sister’s party full of giggle and with a margarita buzz… after being ohh and ahhh by those guest that DID NOT DRESS UP… we huddle and consume yummy food, our ears rang with some good oldies songs (man I’m old!) and our feet tapped to the beat and wished that it keep going on and on… The singlehood pool was made up of 3 guys, none good prospect in my mind (but, my pickiness stood out like a sore thumb – bite me!) . Nevertheless it was good to laugh (hysterically) with friends, share it with my family and be relaxed and content for the first time in weeks. Oh, yeah the spiked punch had to be given credit too.

Sunday Objective: Eat leftovers and be lazy. Back to my sister we went were we shared a great lunch with a European flair: Started at noon and ended at 6pm (got to love that European culture – they are on to something!). We laughed, my sister got plaster on a fuzzy pink drink and showed us (to our horrors) her soft side – YIKES! (Still trying to get over that pathetic display). We eat with our hands and laughed till we cried. And once more I was reminded of my belief that all you really need to be happy in life is Family, Friends, Food and Wine…

…all very good things.

Update: Greek Guy has made contact – more on that later.


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