Tears, a cookie and a bowl of Frosted Flakes

18 Nov

You know when you have one of those days that just screams – DO OVER, DO OVER? Well… today was a “heavy” day… all around. It was crazy a work, the kind that you just counting the seconds to get the hell out! Then to top it off, my evening which was planned to be relaxing and fun took a nose dive. Do to a bit of a push, (by an outside source) the damn (that has been straining under the weight of the emotional roller coaster) broke and I spent most of the night bawling my eyes out – literally. I just could not stop (needed to get those feelings out, I guess).

At the end of the night, I was exhausted but, I blew my nose, wiped my puffy red eyes, had a cookie and a bowl of frosted flakes, and that bit of self TLC was all it took for the black cloud, which I been carrying around for sometime now, to been lifted and I think I’m ready for another round with the outside world – again.

There is a bit of an issue lurking, but I think I’m much more prepare to discuss and handle it now.

Tomorrow is Friday folks, which means another weekend to put under my belt.


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