Its’ all about me, me, me…!

23 Nov

I bet everyone is out there counting the hours, the minutes and the seconds until they can pick up their desk and head out off the office … I know I am and right now I have 4 hours, 26 minutes and 55 seconds left till I grab my stuff and head home.

H-O-M-E!!! Yeahhh me!

And tomorrow, I will have a 2-whole day OFF, to enjoy by myself. I plan to wake up late, stay in my PJ’s and do nothing – N-O-T-H-I-N-G. Except watch TV, read a book and maybe if I feel up to it, bake.

And then on Friday, I plan to do it all over again.

It’s the first time in 2 months that I have a 2 whole day off and I plan to fully piss them away and do nothing but vegetate…I’m even going to turn off the phone, just in case my retail job calls me once they get over run by the after-thanksgiving super-dupper sales at the mall… these 2 days are all about ME… ME, ME, ME!!!

Make that, 4 hours, 12 min and 63 seconds….

Yeahhh me!

PS: U’all have a good happy turkey day… and if you need a chuckle click here


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