Wana a piece?

25 Nov

I into my 1 day of vegetation and so far so good. Woke up late (11pm) had a nice breakfast (made myself a baglewich) then read a bit (in bed), then walked around and decided that my home office needed a bit of straighten – play with the cats (all 4 of them!). Then I sat and watched a bit of TV (knocked down a bunch of shows that have been setting on my TIVO list for the past 2 weeks).. then took a snoozzzee… like caramelo

Now does he not look lazy… well I looked like him.

Then I decided that I was mellow and blue enough to bake. I always do this, when I bit sad – I cannot explain it, I think maybe it’s the fact that when you bake you need to follow the recipe step by step, so total concentration is needed. Then a bit of creativity needs to kick in for the finish product. And this bit of activity basically just relaxes me completely. All I can think about is measuring the flours, breaking the eggs, mixing then sit back and smell the yummyness that radiates from that hot oven. Nothing can beat the smell of a baking cake in the house. So, I decided to bake my famous coconut cake and here is the end result:

And I can bet your ass that it tastes as good as it looks.

Wana a piece?


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