Life? What life???

27 Nov

I have not posted anything, since I really do not have anything to post. After my wonderful vegetating Thanksgiving… which turned out much better than expected, since I had a little visit from someone that made me feel extra good. (I’m not telling! So suck up!)

Friday was spent cleaning a bit and then going over to visit the “family”, which turned out much better than expected. I been having a tug-a-war moment with my mother and it felt good to just go and relax and catch up on the family gossip. Then I left to go to my part-time retail job #1. Yep folks, I was working on “Black Friday” and let me tell you the mall was packed up to the gills. My store was selling like there was no tomorrow and we did not even have a sale going on. I guess people just wanted to shop after thanksgiving sale or no sale – retail America at its very best, telling what you are going to spend your hard earned money on. I worked a total of 6 hours, which is not much, but adding the busyness and the whining of the clients (god, they are whiners) plus an evacuation, since some teenager bozo decided to play a prank and pull the fire alarm, I left there exhausted!

Then yesterday, I worked at my other part-time job #2, which is sending off people to a nice 7 day vacation, to the sunny Caribbean. Topping it off with another shift at my retail job #1. See I do not have a life! I’m working all the time (hopefully this will end by mid-December if my plans go my way).

Today, I will spend with my family eating shrimps and crab legs YUM! And then over to the mall – not to shop but to work – AGAIN!. The last 3 days pretty much have cancelled my thanksgiving vegetation mode 100 and 10%. I need another vacation.

But, I do have something to look forward to. The architect (remember him?) has made contact and would like to get together to catch up. Which is good, since I have shaken RUYN off my system (ok, “almost” out of my system) I can dedicate a bit more time to getting to know better this man, which has all the right makings of a good boyfriend… which (guilty as charge!) I did not see before, since I was totally concentrating on getting RUYN to “get it”. Then Greek guy is another one that is buzzing around and we have a tentative date coming up sometime next week. So, things may be picking up a bit – but, no promises.


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