The Cosmic pull that keeps throwing us together….

2 Dec

So, I’m checking out the address of where our holiday party is taking place in google maps (hey, its work related!) and as I’m following the map directions I realized that the freaking faith fairy is just fu** playing with me… and not in a good way – I personally think I’m paying bad karma back somewhere in the cosmic universe……because the Country Club where the party is taking place in none other than….










Yep, it’s none other than RUYN country club! In fact it’s less than a mile from his house.

Now if that is not someone (freaking faith faries) behind the cosmic/faith computer playing with my head I have no idea what the hell it is.

I’m going to have to send a complaint memo or something to their boss, I am not like it!

Those faith fairies are not playing fair.

I’m thinking that I better inform him that I will be in his neighborhood tomorrow, or he will get the wrong idea and may think I’m stalking him or something. Because with my luck (yeah your freaking faith fairy, you hear me, I’m “on to” you) he be out running or something and will see me driving past.


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