5 Dec

So where to start? At the beginning will be best… right?

Friday was spent holed up at the house refusing to venture out, I was going to lay low and enjoy a nice alone time. Surprise! 11pm the phone rings and is none other than RUYN. Yeah, I’m like “what???” I love surprises but some of them just scare the hell out of me. The exchange went something like this:

RUYN: hey.. are you awake?
Surprise me: yeah, just reading…
RUYN: Want company?
Surprise me: Thinking: “Holly shit!” is he insinuating what I thing he is insinuating? Talking: Well, yeah, but I thought you had a date or something…
RUYN: Well I went out with a buddy… other plans did not paned out.
Surprise me: Sure, why not, come on over (yeah kick me now people – I’m weak!)

30 min later… Open the door and this yummy person walks in. I’m telling you he is a weakness of mine and I’m going to go to hell for it. Plus nobody should have the right to look that good… it’s just soooo wrong! Anyway, we pussy footed around for a while and basically talked about what was going on and then, and I swear on this, he stayed and I have not a clue how that happened! And I’m not saying anymore, or I will be sure to catch a “ahhh , shit Monica.. There you go again!” from everyone that have keep me on the straight and narrow the last couple of weeks.

I’m back on the rehabilitation program. But, I sure had a great Friday night – wink!

Saturday, I just way to lazy up to go to work… so I exercise my right to call in sick and hit the road in search for the perfect shoes to go with the black dress that I was planning to wear that night. Success? I bought chocolate, cookies, went to the supermarket and not a pair of shoes in sight. I decided the pink heels with the coral color dress will do.

That afternoon did the prep ritual: Nice long bath, face mask, all the gooey stuff one’s puts on one’s hair to make it manageable and shiny (which never works for me in the first place, why I keep trying, I just never know)… 4pm received a call from “The Architect” confirming meet up time frame and then back to dressing, make up and by 5:30 I was all nice and dressed up – and I looked damn good too.

5:45pm: “The Architect” shows up… Damn, he looked well put together – when did I forget that little fact, still wondering how that got past me.

6:15pm: walked into the office party. Let the good time roll!

The food was good – not great, not spectacular. .but ok – I do not eat that much so, this was not very important to me. There was about a 50% show rate … The Architect and myself were much more dressed up than most – I think I caught some evil stares, but who the hell cares.

After eating, we moved on to the other room, which was set up like a Vegas Casino. We were given 2 cash vouchers (fake of course) and sent on our way. We ended up at the Crap table. After a quick, fast lesson from the dealer – (which I know he gave us his name and for the life of me I just cannot bring it up)… and then we started to play. Now if some know the rules of crap, you know that it’s the most popular game in a casino, maybe because is loud and crazy and so unpredictable. Since I was the only women at the table, the dealer let me throw the dice and for the next hour and ½ that is all I did… more people joined the table and more and more placed bets. I had a great time.. all in all it was a good… or according to the dealer a kick ass streak. The Architect and I ended up winning $145,000 fake ones! Jejeje The rest of our table buddies won over $50,000 -$60,000 each. Lots of invitations to Vegas followed after this. In fact “The Architect” words: “I’m so taking you to Vegas”… not a bad night eh?

After taking our winnings and exchanging them for tickets for the price drawing we sat to have a nice glass of wine and ended up winning 2 tickets to the movies, one dinner for 2 and a gift certificate for the Home Depot. I’m so buying a lottery ticket this week.

By 11pm we were on the way home (yeah, people around here people do not know the “late” concept). I invited him in for coffee. Whipped up 2 espressos, set up a plate of sweets and we sat to just chilled. This turned into a marathon of deep conversations, exchanged of ideas and crazy talk. All the way up to 4:30AM! At 4:45 I kicked his ass out of the house, I still had to work the next day, not to mention a lunch date with my mother.

Conclusion? Had a great time! “The Architect” is an enigma – literally. I never knew: he is funny, relaxed, deep thinker…not bad looker either. I saw him in a whole different light that night. One that told me I must have been in la-la land when I use to go out with him before and completely discard him. (which had a lot to do with his availability) So, he is back on the game board. Now what he does with this advantage is up to him.

Let the games begin!


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