The power of brain messaging….

8 Dec

AHA! My memo (actually my silent brain waves) to the upstairs guy must have worked.

The weather has cleared (for now) so no more rain (for now) – which is a good thing… but it is still shit cold out there… I guess 1 out of 2 is not bad. As long as the rain holds we will be fine tonight. I’m hoping those Canadians know what they are doing and the tent will be nice and warm… if not, I see a potential disaster looming in the near horizon, because when I’m cold I cannot function at all.. and I mean AT ALL.

ETA: 2 hours to go… could they go any slowwwler???? I’m running out of things on my to do list!

Can’t you tell?

This is my third post in one day – I’m going for broke here.


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