15 Dec

I like for my visitors to write their comments, it means that somebody out there is reading you (A nice compliment to me)… not just your friends and family… but some stranger, (which are the ones that give me fuel to continue to write the stupidity that I write sometimes) because they are faceless strangers I feel braver in my writings, freer in my opinions. I’m putting myself out there, and of course you, the reader has the right to a different opinion than mine, and yes, you can leave it in my comment box (that is why I have this feature “on” on my blog in the first place). Since I’m always looking for different point of views.


I really hate it when people leave anonymous messages on my blog. It’s very cowardly. If you don’t have enough backbone to admit it’s you that said something, maybe you shouldn’t be saying it in the first place. Specially if you are being critical about the post in the first place.

I feel it’s the equivalent of, inviting you into my home (my blog) stating my opinion (my ramblings) and then you (the anonymous person) acting hypocritically by hiding in my bathroom so I do not see you and stating your opinion.

Fair is fair.

I mean, I’m not hiding behind the anonymous title, why should you? I would hate to change my settings in order to force everyone that leaves a comment to “register” in order to keep track of them…(which I not, since I do not care one bit) but, really, if you are going to make your point a view, be brave enough to make it showing your face.

Or at least your virtual face.


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