Pig out – Office style… and a bit of a surprise in the works.

21 Dec

Today is the last day at work before the holiday break. Being that my company has European ties, we are off until Tuesday of next week. What this means to me? A well deserved mini-vacation! I cannot wait!

So, in the spirit of the coming food fest that is the holidays, we had a pot luck lunch today and about 20 co-workers brought their food. We had TONS of food… enough in my book to feed a small country – or so it seems when you saw the mountain of food on the tables. There were assortments of the popular dips – spinach dip, crab dip and something that obviously nobody likes, since it pretty much went untouched. Then we had a load of soups: vegetable, tortellini spice sausage, beef. (I think the cold weather had something to do with this trend). Then you had some odd ball items. Ham bread (from yours truly) which is a bread filled with ham, bacon, olives and raisins – it’s something that they make for the holiday in my birth country and I thought it would be fun to share it with my all American co-workers. It was a hit. Then there was pulled pork (which was not bad at all). A chicken casserole (or so they told me), which looked disgusting and tasted yucky. Then about 4 cheese platters and a huge amount of sugar: cheesecakes, cakes, pies, chocolate, brownies and the usual Christmas cookies. So, as you can see, we were NOT going to go hungry today.

Then of course nobody did any work at all. We all must have made a gazillion trips to the kitchen, the food station, the soft drink machines, the neighbors cube… the spirit of NOT working was there and it was in full force. By 2pm, the office started to feel like a deserted town, little by little office doors were closed, desk lights were turned off, and the parking lot was a lonely place to be. Everyone could not move fast enough to get out.

Since I took off yesterday early, I needed to wait at least until 4pm to be able to leave the dust behind. So, I waited, paid some bills, read my personal emails, talk on IM for a while, wrote this post (of course), and basically tried the “look busy approach”. Nobody was buying what I was trying to sell.

Then I responded to a match.com email from, let’s call him “The Blue guy”. I could not read his profile, since my work firewall has match.com on its “hit” list and it’s a NO-NO to try to access it. So I responded to his email telling him that I was flying blind, since I knew nothing of him. He responded back and for the next 2 hours, we bounced emails back and forth. He gave me his phone number… I told him to call me. He called and we spent about an hour on the phone. We have tremendous deja-vu moments and for someone that hates talking on the phone (me) he keep me on my toes and pretty entertained.

He asked me out for drinks, unfortunately I was due into work at my retail job. But, we do have a tentative date planned for tomorrow.

And it may sound dumb and maybe a bit fast, but I find myself sort of a bit exited by this. This sometimes is not such a good thing… So let’s see how the cookie crumbles.

I may or may not post in the next couple of days, since I plan to fully enjoy my mini-vacation by vegetating in full force.

So, I wish you all a great holiday with lots of family, friends, good times and better liquor!


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