It’s all about text and voice messages and a curve ball.

27 Dec

Text message on cell phone @ 10:43am:

“I’m thinking of you and wondering if you are having a great day. Talk to you later.”

Voice message on home phone @ 10:34pm:

“Hope you had a great day and work went well. Have a good night and looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. Strange but I miss you – sounds corny, I know. ahh, now, delete this message now, before I fully embarrasses myself!”

He is so, so cute – he makes my insides burst into a corny “happy, happy, joy, joy dance”.

Ridiculous I know, but it feels too good to come to my senses right now.

Then a curve ball came my way….

With all of this I almost missed a call from “RUYN”. There it was on my caller ID. Blinking back at me, just taunting me, like a fat worm at the end of the fishing hook. At first I was a bit confuse, since he is thousands of miles away from here, freezing his ass up north and basically has been MIA for the better part of 3 weeks now. But, my manners got the best of me and I hit the re-dial (he did call long-distance) – hoping against hope for a wrong number…

not to be…

He answer on the second ring.

We had a nice talk. He wanted to know how I was doing (full of lust, thank you very much), if my holidays’ went well (you bet your sweet ass it did!) and to give me a belated birthday wish (ok, ok, that was nice of him). The phone call actually made me realized that I had come full circle. The only feelings left in me were that of a good friend calling me to catch up on stuff. No drama, no twisting in the heart, no regrets…

ahhh the beauty of “moving on”.

Sometimes it just sneaks up on you and smacks you straight on.


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