Fairy Tales

6 Jan

You cannot make this stuff up!

Once upon a time the faith fairies were sitting on the command post talking among themselves:

Fairy 1: Yep, there he is [The boy] – he has given up.
Fairy 2: Yes, I have one too, she [The girl] has given up too.
Fairy 1: So, sad!
Fairy1: Ok, let’s get this show on the road.
Fairy 2: They need to think alike. Throwing a bunch of coincidence factors and we will get them hooked (if they know what’s good for them). They just have to see the signs we send them.

So these two people a boy and a girl, both with a lot of history behind them, meet for the ultimate 30 min coffee date. Which, turned into a 4 hour date. Which, moved along to spending every waking moment together for the next 2 weeks (today). Never understanding the strong attraction, the never ending coincidences, the way things fell into place effortlessly…

Because, if there was any doubt in their mind, it was cleared by yesterday’s full blown faith coincidence.

I mean what are the freaking odds?

The girl: Of getting off work early to go to a meeting, then deciding not to go back to work but to move down the road to check out a local store.

The boy: Finishing work and on the way back to the office, gets called in for an emergency job, needing to go back to complete it.

The boy: Getting to his job location, parking and getting off the car, looking up and seeing a car that looks like the girl’s car and thinking… that looks like Monica’s car…

The girl: Looking for parking space and seeing the boy’s company logo car and thinking of the boy… then parking and walking out across the parking lot and suddenly hearing…

MG: Hey you!
Me: Oh Hell no! You got to be kidding me… Are you serious? What are you doing here?
MG: What are YOU doing here?
Me: I give up… [Looking up at the sky] We see the signs! (the faith faries were high fiving at this point)
MG: Boy, do we see the signs: You are the one.
Me: Yes, you are the one.

So, tell me what are the freaking odds?

MG and I decided to stop questioning and to just jump full steam ahead. And you know what? For the first time in my life I have never been so sure of something. We both like it.

I sure the faith fairies are having a full blown blast in their successful endeavor.
Now, if they can only give us the winning lottery numbers for tomorrows 46 million jackpot, we will forever be in their debt.

The End.


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