In memorandum of a good man…

11 Feb

Today, I’m sad and blue… besides going thru my stuff. My best friend lost her father today.

I known this man for over 20 years, its sad to know that he is gone, he was a great person, someone full of life and integrity. I remember his wit and his dry humor, which only we seem to get. How he was soft spoken and at the same time a force to be reckon with. He was a man that loved his family and it showed in everything he did every day.

She is going thru so much right now; it pretty much makes my stuff look insignificant and irrelevant. When things like this happens, it pretty much makes you see how precious and fickle life is. How we have to take it and live fully, with joy and for the moment.

Saying I’m sorry cannot begin to cover it, it seems like such a small word for a moment that needs something much bigger. But, it’s the only one that seems to fit this moment. So M, I’m truly sorry for your loss. Know that he is in a better place, free of pain, sometimes, our bodies just can not keep up with our mind and soul, so they have to go to a bigger place.

And every time you feel the wind in your face think of him sending you millions of hugs your way. And when you look up and see the clouds, smile because he is looking down at you and telling you he is still there, in your heart and he loves you so very much.

He will be missed.


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