Breakup – Day 3 or is it: “Break – Day 3” ??

14 Feb

Today was a bit better. But, then time helps you heals right?

We will see…

Last night I had to call MG for him to come and pick up some stuff that he had left at the house. (Yeah, I know… Some of you are hitting your forehead and shaking your heads). The intentions were to give him the stuff and have him off the door in less than 5 min.

Intentions being the key word here… and you know how I love to break rules…

I’m weak… actually we are both weak. The moment I open the door, I knew I could not do it. He just does something to my insides. I feel alive when I’m next to him, I feel safe and wanted. And I knew that I just could not let him walk out. So, we sat, talked a bit, watch a bit of TV and then we decided that we were just pushing our luck and had another talked and we both decided to just take it slow, taking things day by day and keeping the communication lines open and then seeing where everything goes. So, I guess we are on a “break”. ???

It may not be the best solution, and it may not stop the leaking, but, it’s the one solution at this time, which we both seem to be comfortable with. If there is going to be a “relationship” death, then damn it it’s going to be on my terms. It’s going be slow and this will give me time to adjust. And we may be lucky and come out stronger at the other side.

Told you I was weak and a push over.

On other things:

Happy Valentine Day!

To all of my friends and whoever else reads me here… I hope you have lots of chocolate, lots of kissing, lots of hugs, lots of red underwear in your horizon today. And remember you do not need a special day of the year to tell someone you love them.


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