Party-Till-you-drop generation

7 Mar

Ok, Ok… I know I been MIA for… but hey my life has suddenly picked up speed and it’s been non-stop. Since my last post I have been working like a crazy person (review is around the corner and I need to have ammunition to fire away and ask for that raise, and also need to behave in the meantime, never know who is looking). MG and I went off on our first mini-get-away, and did not kill each other (yeah us!). I been visiting my doctor in order to take care of a health problem once and for all… and in the mist of all of this, nothing has happen to rock my world that I felt the need to rush and write about it… except last Friday….

MG and his buddies were having a “guys” happy hour at the local bar/restaurant in town and I was invited to join them for some drinks and people watching. After a couple of drinks, and a lot of people watching, I headed over to the do a bathroom stop. Stood in line (why do these big drinking holes have only 4 stalls, I never know!) did my business and as I was washing my hands, I looked over all the essential tuff the “bathroom lady” put out for our use… gum, eye shadow, tissues, hairspray, hair pins, blow dryer, candy, mints, curling iron, douche, lip stick, … wait.. Yeah, you read it right: DOUCHE! I had to do a double take, I mean… makeup: I understand… hair products too (to much dancing, and all that Florida humidity can ruin the nice hairdo) but douche??? I mean… was there something that I was missing? I been out of the “party till you drop scene” for a while now… but douche? And not a small box either, but a super value box, with 6 “mountain fresh” scented bottles. I was just standing there dumb looking and it must have showed, because the bathroom lady leaned in and casually asked me: “would you like a bottle honey, it’s only $2.00?”

I made it back to the table in 5 seconds flat.

Apparently, I’m not the only one out-of-the-loop, since MG and his buddies were just as dumb struck about this little episode as well.

… Evidently the new “party till you drop” generation believes in really putting it out there and has not a drop of shame in showing it up either.


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