Oh so very 1800’s ..

8 Mar

As some of my friends know… I love cooking; I use this as a way to relax, the more stress that I am, the more I need kitchen time and the more I cook complicated dishes. All that mixing, creating and tasting just make me feel good.

Anyway… about 2 years ago I had abdominal surgery which limits my food intake, meaning I don’t eat that much to begin with. Some deep part of me was always afraid that I would lose my love for cooking; being that the “tasting” part of it was completely taken out of the ritual element. I mean, you cook – you taste! Oh…how little do we know…it did not happen like that, I discovered that I could still cook, and the tasting part needed to be a bit more creative (as in take a small taste, and not stuff myself). But, since I no longer required a big amount of food for myself, I stopped cooking and gotten very lazy about the whole thing. I’m basically fine eating a bowl of cereal or a cracker and some cheese – obviously very non-cooking activity involved here.

In view of this and the fact that I truly do miss my “kitchen” time, I have pin down a sure way of getting back in the cooking mode: Invite friends, family and practically anyone that is much lazier than you when it comes time to cook for themselves. This has worked wonders, not only for getting me back to my “element” but it has added another benefit: bragging rights (did I mention that I’m a great cook?) and the all time “ego” boost. And you can not beat that combination when you are stressed out and in need of some major “pick-me-up”.

When MG came into the picture, I thought – “Oh Boy! Cooking time is back on!”
MG loves to eat, but he also watches what he eats and eats very little at night, like me, he has gotten into the “lazy mode” and is satisfied with a plain bowl of cereal. I needed to break him away from this fast! While I suggested on numerous occasions that I would cook, he always turned me down and would tell me that a bowl of cereal, or some cracker and cheese will be fine for him. But lately, he has been spending more time at my house and this gives me more opportunities to cook for the both of us. Yesterday, as I was starting dinner and waiting for him to come home, I realized that while I get huge amounts of satisfaction by cooking for friends and family, nothing beats cooking for the one you love. I’m Italian and brought up with Latin influence and maybe some deep part of me is condition for it, I have no idea. Nevertheless, when I cook for MG, it just gives me a whole different dimension…the cutting, the prepping, the mixing, the tasting… it all becomes sensual and instinctual. Plus, there is nothing more rewarding to me than seeing his smile and hear his praise for the food that he is eating. If this is very 18th century, so be it, my ultimate joy is wrapped up in the delights of food and the contentment I get from knowing that it was done all out of love and its truly cherished by him.


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