Must have done something good….

9 Mar

Yesterday was a good day until a received a phone call from my mother… then my day went to shit, mainly because my mother has not learned, in the 37 years that she known me, that in order to get me to do things her way… the best possible thing she can NOT do is to force me to do them… sigh.

After this little fiasco of a conversation, where a lot of screaming and the inedible hang up occurred I was NOT in the best of moods – not even watching stupid TV was helping. Then MG called and the bottled up emotions that I been carefully keeping in checked, spilled forward and the poor man had to sit there while I lay the eternal family saga at his feet… he took it like a pro… mainly listening and occasional giving me an “uh ha” and “don’t worry, it will be ok” just to make sure I knew that he had not fallen sleep while listening to my boring BS. (Yeah, even I know that my shit is boring BS!). The amazing thing is that once I let it all out, it felt better, I was still pissed, but not as much. Then when I open the door to let him in, all of my anger just went up in smoke! How the hell did that happen?

Today the saga continued in full force… I mean really, when does a family sage ever end? And during the day MG, called and made sure I was ok and reassure me that everything would work and out and not to worry about anything, that I could count on him to be by my side. This is extremely hard for me… I was brought up to believe that one takes care of oneself and that I do not need anyone else… so I’m usually one that likes to take care of thing without asking for help. But the fact that MG was gracious and helpful and made sure I understood that he would be there for me was my undoing. I must have done something good in my past life… to deserve him.

I think I may keep him.


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