Open Heart

17 Mar

It is not easy to have an open heart in a world that offers us a full plate of experiences. This life gives us much joy, love, and light, but it also shows us a fair amount of pain, sadness, and suffering. When our hearts are open, we take everything into ourselves, and we are deeply affected by what we see and what we feel. In addition, our own personal disappointments may begin to take their toll. We may feel small, alone, and overwhelmed. Most of us may feel like we are not up to the task of living with our hearts open, and we might begin to close down, little by little, so that we can get through our life without having to feel too much.

To open our hearts to another person’s is a revolutionary act that has energetic implications. In most cases the simple act of opening our hearts to joy, pain and sorrow helps us heal our own. Our past relationships and experiences are what sets our own course in life, and I realized that the only way I can fully feel and be at peace with myself is by tapping into the energy of love that resides in my heart. It makes me powerful, knowing that my heart is big and strong enough to feel fully and that energy will be my own protection.

I been absent from here because there has been many things happening in my life of late. While my highs are great, the lows have really given me a run for my money. In other times these lows would have really knocked me down. But, thru it all, it has also allow me to see that have a man in my life that cares for me and only wants my happiness, he makes me feel safe, secure and whole. The act of keeping my heart open in order to experience these feelings from him has help me heal the sorrow and pain I would otherwise have felt during these difficult times. I going to make sure that I keep him around until we are old and gray, because I don’t want to even imagine living my life from here forth without him by my side.


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