In a Flunk…what am I to do?

21 Mar

Why is it that I’m suddenly so busy to write? I figure that I would have time to fill pages and pages of everything that is happening in my life, unfortunately, when I’m the most happy and busy is when I tend to write less. I have tons of things to write about, but I just cannot get it “together” long enough to put it on paper… topics? Out the window, I have no topics that come to mind that I what to write about.

MG and I been doing so much stuff and I though well I can write about our Dinner! Yeah, that’s it. So I thought “oh, let’s see, PSM Friday dinner?” When we showed up at Macaroni Grill and were suddenly in PMS hell – I mean everyone was bitchy and plain rude, but no funny stories (Go figure!). Then I thought about writing about our first weekend get-away: 2 glorious days out in the beach, with sunny skies, cool breezes and bad frozen drinks – nope, no funny stories there either. But, we did manage to get a good start up tan, figure that we can travel together and not kill each other and yes, my solving strategy for our daily Sudoku puzzle does work better than his (but I need him to start it up, or else I’m toast!). I been going down the list: Car wash? Nothing – he left my car spotless! First BBQ? Went without a glitch. Meeting my ex new girlfriend: a complete gentleman… Me, meeting his ex? I was a complete indifferent bitch (because I know how to work it and I needed to make my friends proud). I’m telling… nothing stands out, it’s driving me nuts.

I hope things get shaking… enough that it can jump start this flunk. In other news we are planning a vacation… oh yeah! and I so want it to be in a place were all we have to do is sit under a palm tree, soak up the sun, snap our fingers and order some ice cold drink (with its corresponding colorful umbrella on top) with enough liquor to knock us out on our butts and forget any trouble brewing at home.


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