Being free and ok with it – who whould have though?

2 Apr

As some as my past post in the last week has suggested, MG and I ended our relationship. The final break happen over something simple in my mind, one which was doable in all ways possible if there was one thing present, strong feelings from each of us. I will respect his privacy (he occasionally reads this blog) and not go into much detail and simply say that it was a mutual parting. We could not move forward, since I was falling short of his spiritual expectations and thus creating an unbalance, which is never good in any type of relationship.

Like all my past relationships (the ones that count) I take away a lesson. With MG, I learn that what we really are is all the experiences and all the thoughts you’ve ever had and all the people who have touched your life, no matter how briefly.

And after a while you learn that troubles are temporary and relationships aren’t always permanent. You learn that many people come into your life and fade into forgetfulness, while others remain as warm places in your heart. You learn to forgive the bad times and overcome the resentments. And you learn to live with love in your heart for the good times and carry their imprint within you. And should a memory of MG flash through my mind or if, for any reason, I should find myself thinking back to him, there will always be a smile on my face.


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