Paris, as in France not Texas

4 Apr

Dear Monica, here is your horoscope for Tuesday, April 4:

You’ve got a shot at the brass ring, so give it all you’ve got. The stars move into the dreams-can-come-true sector for your sign, so dust off any old hopes and wishes and watch them manifest.

What the hell is this? Is someone trying to make my life a funny cartoon? Thank God, that I do not believe the horoscope…*cough, cough*

I mean.. for real people!

In the meantime…

Paris is A GO! Got my work vacation approved, and things seem to be running smoothly.

I been Googleling my way to all of the tips and places we want to see and believe me, we are going to have to do some heavy cutting and revision of the TO DO list if we really want to have a relaxing, fun week in Paris and see everything we set out to see. Out of the group, 3 have never been to this city, so for the 2 (myself and another friend of mine) we are going to re-live it. This is a twist of fate, since H (my friend) and I visited Paris for the first time together back in the 80’s. Now we are going back, older and hopefully wiser, so we will enjoy the more mature side of Paris – with an occasional dip into its naughty side (because we are mature adults now).

This could not have come at a better time folks… so let the countdown begin…

27 days to go

Oh, by the way, for anyone that may be confused: that is Paris, FRANCE in Europe and not Paris in Texas or Paris in Tennessee, or Paris in Kentucky – like my co-worker thought.


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