And to those bozos… send me a drink please, heavy on the liquor.

10 Apr

Well, today started with a bang! It’s only 8:46am and already had to put out like 10 fires at work and it looks like it’s going to get worse and not better as the day progresses.

Yeah its Monday around these parts, at least the weather is cooperating.

Is it wrong that I’m craving a drink right now? I think not. I also need a men to take off the edge on deep frustration, but that is not going to happen any time soon either.

And to make it funnier (because the faith faries are out and about in full force)
Here is my horoscope for today:

There are a lot of bozos looking your way right now, and it might feel too strenuous to be polite to all of them. It could be that one of them is actually a sweetheart in disguise.

Bozos being the key word here

Tonight we have Bachelor #1: let’s see how that goes over.

Good news.. Paris is only 19 days away – Yeahhh!


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