Missing couple hood

10 Apr

Things about being a couple that I miss the most… Shit, I know, but I got nothing and today was a low point…

Waking up and having MG spoon me (PG rated, people.. keep it PG-rated)
Falling sleep together
Getting the AM text message “Smile, someone is thinking of you”
Going to a restaurant and having him order just want I wanted and the way I wanted it
Getting home and knowing someone is waiting for you
Talking about what happen during the day during dinner time
Sharing his problems and knowing that we could conquer it together (I know this is moot point now, since we could not conquer “our” problem together… but I like the feeling back when)
The morning prep: getting up together, dressing together, and sharing the bathroom together routine.
The “going off to” work kiss
The “coming home” kiss
Falling sleep in the couch watching TV
Going to the supermarket and looking for the all illusive blue bag of bagel plain chips (I cannot bring myself to buying it anymore – I know, I’m a wuss)
Driving together
Sunday brunches
Sunday get-togethers
Friday night happy hour
When he called and asked if I needed anything before he came home
I miss his aftershave
Sunday Starbucks coffee run
I miss his smell on my pillows
I miss having his clothes at the end of the bed
I miss cooking for him
I miss his hugs
I miss his advice
I miss his smile
I miss his laughter
I miss his nudging when the alarm when off in the morning
I miss having him near me
I miss him all of him


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