I want a Mr. Darcy

16 Apr

I have spent the first 2 days of my 4-day weekend holed up at home – for some you must be saying… is she nuts? For me – It has been simply GLORIOUS! There is nothing like being by yourself and just simply be. In solitude, it is easier to hear my quiet inner voice and to determine what I need to feel better.

I have taken the two days to really think about me and what has happen in the last couple of months. They said that everything happens for a reason and I try to believe that with all my heart. After all the drama and the obstacles that I have been living lately its hard to believe that I can find anything good out of so much chaos. But, after clearing my mind and really assessing everything I trust, deep down, that I was meant to meet MG and to open my heart to him, to share what we shared and to yes, fall in love with him. To also experience the heartache of losing him too, that was in the cards. These two days I have thought of all the reasons as to why we are not together and I realized that it was just not meant to be. Everything else was, but at the end, we were not meant to be together and I see it clearly. MG was there to open my heart again, to teach me that I can trust again and give myself to another person without reservations. He made me realized what I’m capable of giving to the right man. He made me comprehend what I deserved and to know that I wont settle for anything less, because I deserved someone that will be willing to give themselves back to me fully.

A couple of weeks ago, I watched a movie – Pride & Prejudice, yeah, it was a chick film, completely and utterly romantic and sappy. Today I was in the mood to watch it again and it suddenly hit me how simple it is: I want my Mr. Darcy. A man that is respectful, caring, and generous, a bit of a romantic and so in love with me. Since, I deserved that and much more.

So thank you MG, for giving me that, for making me digging deep within myself and knowing that I don’t need to settle on anything less. You had all the qualities, except the one that matter the most, you were not my Mr. Darcy.

And my romantic side demands nothing less.


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