My friendship is not for wimps and you put yourself in the Asshole column

24 Apr

I usually not very surprise by the action of people. I tend to be very open minded and nothing shocks me anymore. I also tend to have a bit of a set back when it comes to people… I tend to always give them the benefit of the doubt and mostly think that they are not trying to screw me over.

Yeah, I make excuses for them, I mean to believe that they are trying to screw me, is to admit that people are really bad and terrible. Something that my sunny side is just not ready to handled. At least in my la-la land.

This has been my cross to bear as I get older and wiser. When I was younger this little characteristic would really get me in trouble, since most people would take advantage and basically walk all over me. It was one of those life lessons that I had to teak and teak until I felt comfortable enough to trust my instinct. And those instincts so far have been pretty much on the mark when it came time to peg people and place them under the necessary categories in my mind. “Good”, “Bad”, “Caution”, “Assholes”.

Today, someone that I thought would never take the place under the Asshole heading has not only stepped up put them selves there but also did it with a flair. – Think of a beautiful “crash & burn” scene (mental picture), with casualties as a result.

You will never guess who… guess.. Guess!!!!

Yep, none other than MG.

A bit of background on this, bear with me here, this is for those in the back of the room that were missing parts of the story. After MG and I decided that we were not a good match (or actually he decided, I sort of went along, because I was just to tired to beat the same old horse to death here)… he came back with the “friendship” card. Yep, lets just be friends. While I told him initially that it would be hard for me, just to give me time and eventually we could go this route (most of my ex-boyfriends have continue to be my friends over the years). So, we set off this road, and while at the beginning it was ok, as the days and weeks progressed, I felt he was pulling away and really not being a friend at all, but a bit standoffish. I took it to mean that he had a lot of shit going on in the background and gave him the benefit of the doubt (strike one for me). I backed off a bit and just let it go (I was busy too).

I then had to send him an email to let him know that I had found stuff of his at my house and to please let me know what he wanted to do with it. Email went un-answer (surprise one – he was always pretty good about following up)

Last week when my uncle was killed, I was a complete and utter mess (not very pretty) and of course my initial reaction was to reach to my friends; I called MG up and basically cried my heart out and told him I really needed him to be there for me (surprise two – he never called me back).

I did not hear from him until 3 days after the fact, and that was because I sent him a text message by mistake, so I was actually calling to apologize for the miss up (Strike two for me).

This started a conversation as to why he was so standoffish and wanted to know why he was basically avoiding me like the plague. He told me that he has stayed away, because he (and I quote) “could hear the hurt in my voice”. I clarify that what he was hearing was not hurt, but confusion, since I was trying to maintain the friendship door open, based on his request, and he was basically shutting it on my face. He pretty much left me hanging with this bit of conversation by using the all “Hey, I’m busy, can I call you back” line.” Nice (Strike 2.5 for me – see, still giving him a chance – yeah, very stupid)

This weekend events went like this:

Sunday at 8:56am via text: MG to me: “Are you going to church”?
Sunday at 9:00am via text: me to MG: “Yes”
Sunday at 9:15am via text: MG to me: “Is it on Da Vin Code?”
Sunday at 9:17am via text: me to MG: “?”
Sunday at 9:30am via text: MG to mea: “Never mind, I will tell you later”
Sunday at 11:01am via voice mail: me to MG: “Hey, I’m at the parking lot, got your stuff, call me and I can give them to you”
No answer, so, I text him one last time: “Are you at Church?”
MG to me: “Yes, but not in town”
Then silence (which sometimes IS NOT GOLDEN)

Ok, went to visit my sister and on my way home, stopped by his house (which is on the way) and left his stuff with a note hanging on his front door.

Today, I did not even get the courtesy of a “hey, thanks for taking the time to bring me the stuff, that I been telling you for the past 2 weeks that I will be picking up”… nope, nada, zip. Of course, this got me mad so I sent a text message: “You are welcome”. Did not take him long to respond back with this little number: “Ok now I think its best you delete my number” (Surprise three – he was being mean and immature).

Yes, ladies and gentleman… in the flesh!

Of course I did what I needed to do: Send him off an email, telling him off and to have some balls the next time and pick up the phone and tell it to my face. I guess I can only hope for a response, unfortunatly, we all know that this was a pretty rounded Strike three.

Now, I’m off to have a talk with my instinct, since they seem to be sleeping in the job these days.

On other news: 3 days – YEP 3 FREAKING DAYS to “P” time.

Ohhh and Date # 2 with prospect # 4 is tomorrow… more on that later.


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