Nous voici, Paris

25 Apr

Ok, so its down to 2 days to “P” time…and I swear, I can give you the hours, minutes and seconds if you ask me before I board that plane up and take off unto the blue sky (because the weather will be perfect!) Then after 8 hours of sardine traveling (alas, we are traveling coach – sigh!) we will come out and not understand one words that will be said around us. But, do we care – “aucun nous pas” (no, we do not)… We will be in Paris, city of lights for 8 days and 7 nights! We will drink “café” in small outdoor bistros, and have picnics in the luscious gardens around town… and enter more churches that we will ever be in our lifetime… We are so ready for this trip, I think we may just need a day to recuperate that we are actually across the world.

Today I have to start doing what I hate the most when it comes to travel. Packing! My own lifestyle over the years has always involved a great deal of travel, for both business and pleasure. Like most seasoned travelers, I have found that the lighter my burden, the more pleasant my journey, unfortunately… I always forget to take something and will end up having to purchase it there, which is more expensive and then I have to haul it back home – Not so much fun.

But what I hate the most about the whole thing is the actual art of packing – HATE IT! I can never finalized what to take, and of course I end up taking to much, because I’m a planner and want to take stuff for the “just-in-case” scenarios (just in case it rains, just in case it snows, just in case… blah, you get the picture). I have tried list – to no avail, I have try to pack 3 days before, 2 days before, 24 hours before… nope, it has not worked either, it never fails… I will forget something – usually something important, like underwear, or my PJ’s, or even shoes (yes, I went once on a trip with only one pair of shoes, the one I was wearing on the trip).

So tonight, I have a new packing list which I downloaded from here… and the clear mind that I will be using the tips I got from here. Let’s just hope that we can nip this little task in the butt.

Because, I really do not have time to mess around. Paris awaits!


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