Hard work pays off in the future, laziness pays off now…

16 May

Tonight, I found out that my ex was now in a relationship… yep, MG is “seeing” someone…apparently is serious. “Damn it to hell” was my first thought – after I was informed of this by a third party…”SHIT he beat me to it” was my second thought. (yeah, bite me I like the competition) “WTF do I care”, was my third and final though… of course my mouth was saying.. “OMG, I’m sooo happy for him, glad that he moved on.. yada, yada, yada…. “(I just so full of shit)

The thing is that that my third though was “on” point. I really did not care one bit about it, I was just so glad to hear it, since for the last couple of weeks, MG and myself have been pussy footing via cell text – yeah, the “loose my contact information” apparently did not work so well (and before anyone gets ideas he was first up to bat!). All of this pussy footing around was just driving me crazy. I’m the kind of person that needs closure and the cards spell out on the table… The fact that he was half ass about the contact, after he played the “friendship” card to begin with was really confusing me and I really do not work well under “confusion” mode, I start to second guess myself and find faults on my decisions and train of thoughts, thus making me do stupid irrational things. (Like getting drunk and calling his ass to find out how he is) So anyone that helps along this insanity is just not my favorite person in any book.

But, I digress… when those words were said “He is seeing someone” I felt so much relief that finally I had CLOSURE, I think I had a little bit of an orgasm right there, I’m pretty sure that at that moment I let out a moan. Oh sweat baby Jesus… It was DONE, O-V-E-R. To be honest I felt free – I almost got up and embarrass myself, by doing a happy, happy, joy, joy dance!

So in the spirit of keep this “lightness” and freedom around me, I decided to work on a new attitude and a set new goal: Date like I don’t care or give a shit. I have nothing to loose.

Since I been back from Paris, I have done nothing but date my ass off and with a devil’s not care attitude too. You know that saying: “When you STOP looking is when that someone will appear”. Yeah, well in my book it goes something like “Hard work pays off in the future, laziness pays off now…”

First up: Cuban guy.
The good: Cute, great conversation, good taste in food (his restaurant recommendation), good sense of humor. Chemistry was there.
The bad: Divorce, 2 kids, lived 45 minutes away (doable, but not practical), very bad about keeping in touch (very, very bad – remember architect guy?).
Update: After a bunch of emailing back and forth, the date, then more emailing back and forth, this trail has gone cold – I have yet to hear from the man this week. He is on his way out.

Second up: Salsa guy:
The good:
Similar backgrounds, good conversation, interesting humor, great dancer
The bad: Apparently he suffers from “where is the phone” syndrome.
Update: While he did keep in touch before he went on HIS Vacation… He did not when I came back from MY vacation. This trail is a HUGE DOA.

Third up: Medical guy:
The good:
We have known each other in other circumstances and there was no pressure to create a romantic match, we are just friends. He is not bad looking, funny; we share similar taste in TV shows, Movies, and our types of humor (dry and sarcastic) tend to mesh. He is intelligent, witty and knows good food.
The bad: No physical attraction – NONE, ZIP, NADA
Update: None, this will stay in the “friendship” pile. Nothing can move this puppy out of here.

Forth up: Golf guy
The good:
Nothing, we have not gone past the email stage
The bad: He is 7 years my junior. I know that this is NOT ROOKING the cradle thing… but maturity level as well as serious commitment? I don’t thing is there. I’m in the shady area with this character.
Update: Refer to “the bad”.

Last up: Navy Guy….
The good: OMG where do I start? Great job, sense of humor, intelligent, attractive, business type gentleman, good conversation, gets my jokes, similar background and upbringing. He follows up (since our date) he has sent me a thank you email for the date, he has called me to set up another date, and he has sent me a text message on my phone wishing me a good day.
The bad: I have not found anything yet – I’m sure there must be something lurking, but for now, I prefer to be ignorant of it.
Update: His kisses… they are HOT. And I’m a big kissing whore. I pretty sure we are both bad influence for each other, but then I have a sweet spot for the bad ones in my life, they tend to make me sane.


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