Take the freaking camera, I tell you, Take it!

21 May

I have to get into the habit of carrying my digital camera around, I mean there are tons and tons of thing to take picture of in my daily life… the things I see, its just mind boggling… take for example tonight.

My sister and out, coming back from dinner and a few drinks.. meaning we were NOT drunk enough… we are going topless (no, not that kind of topless, the good kind, the one were your hair is free and the wind is all around you kind, in the convertible) and are getting off the exit on the highway, we are stopped on the light when we both looked over the bushes on the side of the road, because all of the sudden they (the bushes) seem to be speaking to us..

And would you now know it?

There sat two man, comfortable as they can be, each with a beer on hand, cigarette on the other, laying back among the ruble on the side of the expressway… just having a grand old time.

As my sister and I looked each other I’m sure we wonder about their topic of conversation:

Would they be discussing the ugly surroundings? Or how good that beer tasted? Or how the Cigarette sure was hitting the spot? Or maybe the stink of the place (which was not very nice)… Oh wait, hands down, how incredible the night was under the stars and how they can pick up chicks… yeah, that’s it, hands down, we were witnessing the new pick up joint in the city.

And this is why I have to carry my digital camera around, to document this type of events, because I sure you probably only believe 80% of this story and the camera would only give me an edged to prove that this shit really does happen in my life.


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