It’s now official….breaking up is NOT that hard to do.

23 May


We need to talk.

After having you for the past year in my life and being visited by over 3,087 prospects with no biting ability, I need to inform you that its time we parted and said our bye-byes.

Yes, you are being dumped, I will not deny it.

I would like to thank you for giving me numerous opportunities to entertain myself, my family and friends, not to mention all of the other little people out there that stop from time to time to read my bullshit here. I would like to keep you, but I believe that you have become boring, self-centered and not to mention repetitive – which you know will not do in my book.

I cannot deny that I’m grateful to you for sending my way some “prospects” that have made the friendship club and have maintain their association active by continuing to wine and dine my sweat ass… were would I be with out those free dinner and coffee dates? – I just don’t know. To those that did not, I hope you continue to play cheerleader to them and find them the right team to cheer.

Of course it will not be fair to not tell you that another has taken your place, since Craig list has come into my life, I feel alive again and full of hope and all girly like, and it did not cost me anything, except 2 hours of my time and a click of the mouse. Plus his ass is FREE, unlike your high maintenance approach.

So, no, you DID-NOT-BEAT-ME…. I shake my fist at you! I will survive you and move on with the lesson that you have taught me:

Go with the free and low maintenance plan, in the long run it will pay off.


Your former dating addict


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