It’s not as simple as backspace and hitting the “delete” key.

24 May

I’m an e-baby, yes it’s true.

You know what I’m talking about…right?

I live and breathe everything electronic… I have a cell phone (which I use like a life line), I have my address book electronically (I still carry a hardcopy, but the information is printed from my electronic address book), The computer is the most important purchase in my house and I treat it like it – updating, improving, etc. And I don’t consider myself a computer geek at all. I do pretty much everything via the internet. And being this the case my favorite form of communication is e-mail of course, and with everyone, friends, family, clients, everyone!

Yesterday the NG (New Guy) and I were emailing back and forth and making plans for later down the week when somewhere down the line we had one of those moments where I thought I email him a witty and funny respond to a comment he made. And he completely got lost on it – meaning he did not get what I was trying to send off (ok, I thought it was hilarious response, but that is just me) His reply?

A quick “uh?”
Which is not good, not good at all.

Of course I was quick to send back another email, explaining that I was making fun of myself and not him at all, and that I apologized if he got a different impression. He did not respond…

Which is not good, not good at all.

Of course, since I’m someone that agonized about everything (can’t you tell?) I did not want to seem pushy and let it go and figure he will respond when he was ready and if not, then damn him to hell (yeah, I take rejection well, don’t I?). Last night I attempted another e-mail, once more asking about an unrelated topic (my in) and ending with a breezy “hey, hope we are ok and that funny e-mail was forgotten and not taken seriously”. His response

“…about the funny comments I will let it slide”

Now I’m the one with the “uh?”

If I was analyzing last night… today I’m killing it… I mean what the hell does that mean? And more importantly… are we still a go for Friday night date? (I’m keeping it in perspective people!) And shit, should I call him and clarify? Or should I just act all like I don’t care and let it pass? I’m sort of stuck now; this will drive me insane most of the days. I need to resolved this but at the same time I don’t want to sound crazy or pushy or horror of horror – NEEDY!

Now what?


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