My bitchy girlfriend, called, Karma

25 May

Since my sister send me a comment and almost bit my head off for being completely off my mind for meeting “you know who” last night… I believe some clarification is in order.

Yes, I did meet the unmentionable (aka: the ex, or MG) for coffee, not drinks. I had the drink with a girlfriend previously, so I was actually good to go – all nice and buzzed up and ripe for picking a fight! The perfect place to be, in my book, when meeting the ex after the “break-up”.

And as my sister pointed out, I should have just told him to F** off, but work with me here… I had drinks and was ripe for a fight – the best… and I mean the BEST combinations in my book.


Got there after him… walked my pretty ass into the church of crack (aka: Starbucks) and did not see him inside… he was right behind me (that is how buzzed I was). He paid for my tall-latte-breve-no foam and then we sat outside to do the deed.

As we jumped into the normal “how are you’s” and shit… he ask me if we could sit inside, since the bugs were all over him (karma is a bitch – ain’t it?). Then once inside he continue to tell me what was going on with him. I could give you a play-by-play, but why bored you to tears with it, since it was NOT MUCH… I mean it’s like all of these weeks he has come to a standstill – NOTHING was happening that was new and exciting in his life. Oh, wait yeah… he did mention he was dating someone new … I think he said she worked for the mouse man or something like that, I really was not paying attention… to tell you the truth, I keep looking at him and realized that he did not look good at all, he looked stressed and tired in a very wear and tear sort of way.

The second thing I realize was, I have no feelings for this man… what the hell? I actually cried for him? I think I cracked a smile for a while – I think I remember him asking me what I was doing and boy what a difference – well, lets see, I take your boring life and up you with a trip to Paris, dating a bunch of people, finding a Mr. Right (now) (New Guy) and a big promotion at work. Yes, folk – Karma is a bitch! In this case, it was my bitch.

We did talk about the shit way he was acting the last couple of weeks towards me, he apparently was afraid that I would become a stacker and thus, was “cautious”. I did try to explain the difference between “cautious” and “asshole” – it was lost on him.

But, something good came out of this (besides the free latte). It made me realized that I had move on and I was a peace with all the shit that had gone down. So, in a way it did help.

I call it cheap therapy, and of course my bitchy girlfriend called “karma”.

In other news – New Guy, made contact and everything seems to be kosher.


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